[SUPPORT] My Movement Keeps Sticking On

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  1. Hello, I've been going at this problem for over 24 hours now.

    The Issue: When i'm walking around and I click, sometime when i release the keys, i keep walking in that direction until I hit that directional key again. It happens with jumping and crouch too. It's a keyboard and mouse input problem with java.
    Its really annoying trying to navigate high ledges and lava, I've died many times in the 24 hours already.

    Before you say it, NO, it's not my keyboard keys sticking.
    Looking through Google, it's a common problem and i cannot find an answer that works.

    What have I changed?
    Yesterday I completely wiped my laptop and re-installed windows. Vista + Windows 7 Upgrade.
    I installed Java, Directx 9, Minecraft...
    Before the wipe, my Minecraft worked perfectly fine for many years. It's only after the reinstall of windows i'm getting this issue.

    I have:
    Updated Java..
    Downdated Java..
    Updated LWJGL..
    Downdated LWJGL..
    (Infact, I've gone through and tried every version of LWJGL with varying result in performance)
    None of which have fixed the multiple keyboard key input problem.
    Ive tried copy and pasted my entire minecraft installation from my backup onto my new windows install... same issue.

    All my drivers are up to date Chipset, Graphics, Mouse, Keyboard.
    All my settings are as they were when i used to play before.

    Some of you probably experience the same thing now n then, it used to happen to me every few days i guess before, and you just tap the key in that direction again to stop it . This is NOT and option for me, it's happening every 5 - 10 presses of the keyboard now.

    I would appreciate any input from some computer guru's out there. Im stuck for ideas now, If Justin or Aikar have any thoughts on what could be different on my pc now causing this? I just need some legit ideas to pursue.... D:

  2. weird, updating LWJGL usually fixes it, but never heard of windows having it
    Maybe bad keyboard?

    try optifine?
  3. I had that problem before... I used regedit or somthing to fix it.
  4. Certainly not my keyboard.

    I hadn't tried optifine because of the chunk loading issue.
    But.. I've just given it a go and it has the same problem, Within 30 seconds of logging in, i was stuck running backwards.

    And yeh, Its hard to find people having this problem with Windows.

    It's getting really tempting to upgrade to windows 8, but my laptop is over 3 years old now and I didn't really want to put windows 8 on it. I also think i'm probably going to get similar compatibility issue if i goto windows 8.
  5. I have windows 8 on my new laptop.

    You don't want to upgrade to it, this problem is even more common.
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  6. Sorry I forgot to say theres an option for smooth keys or something in optifine you need to manually turn on.

    Also - what chunk load issue? I recommend EVERYONE, regardless of performance, to use optifin to improve chunk loading.

    It makes WORLDS of difference. Vanilla render just cant compare. It's not about the FPS, its about the experience, everyone needs optifine.
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  7. I had the same problem with Battlefield 3.
    Sometimes the keys did just "stick".
    Theres not much to do except keep everything up to date.
    Howewer,I wish to note that I have not noticed the problem since upgrading to Windows 8.
  8. Why Optifine isn't in vanilla I don't know..
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  9. Trying the EXACT same, just hit the button the way you're moving and it stops
    Been a problem here for around a month.
    My jar. file is completly clean, so not a optifine bug or anything.. :/
  10. I heard there was a 'smooth keys' function on optifine but I couldn't find it.
    I'll look again in a bit, I'm 'Repairing Windows' at the minute. Writing this on my phone.

    The problem with optifine was that no matter what render distance I chose, it wouldn't change and it was always quite short n couldn't see much.
    Also a week ago I was experimenting with optifine and I was experiencing more lag with it than without, which lead me to wiping my pc in the first place.
  11. I had this issue as well for a while...though if you're on a laptop I'm not sure my "fix" would fix it for you as my issue turned out that Windows 8 wasn't to happy with my wireless keyboard. It would constantly press "W" for me...I'd be playing and all of a sudden W would just keep typing as if I was holding it down...and not just Minecraft...but if I went in a URL bar or in a chat window I couldn't stop the "W".

    Changing to a wired keyboard fixed the problem.
  12. Okay, from what everyones saying here, I suggest a program called 'windows 7' it's just as awesome without the dodgy W keys!
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  13. I agree. I bought a new PC with windows 8 already on it and it's not THAT much of an issue that I have to resort to downgrading (wired keyboards are more responsive anyways) but the big problem I had was for some reason I can't comprehend, they removed the start menu in Windows 8, without an option to turn it back on. BLEW MY MIND! Luckily I found a program called http://www.stardock.com/products/start8/. Which fully restores the start menu and adds some customization options. Free to try for 30 days and then only $5.00 if you want to keep it (You will.)
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  14. If you have access to a pure copy of W7, install it and use the upgrade key. I could use the upgrade key on my old laptop without having to install Vista. I dont know much about operating systems, but i assume that one one pure copy would be smoother than one operating system being "upgraded" over the old one.
  15. My email has multiple 'combinations', because it's been around ever since Gmail was called Google Mail xD Once this trial of it runs out, i'll get another 4 runs on it.
  16. The whole start menu thing was a big factor in me not wanting to get it.
    My mate had an alpha version installed many months ago, I didn't like it.

    I'll have to show him that program :)
  17. I believe, in my heart, whomever made that decision at Microsoft should be fired. lol
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  18. Mojang asked them if they could include it and Optifine said no.
    That would cut off revenue for them.

    I cant blame em.

    Option 1) Include optifine in vanilla, lose all revenue from it, lose ability to seemlessly update and improve it (Without yet again third party modding it then having to push it to mojang too)
    Option 2) Keep it seperate, make some well deserved money off of their hard work, smooth process for updates.

    To the users, nothing changes. they have the option of having the better gameplay optifine provides if they choose it.

    they didnt have really any incentive to let mojang include it unless mojang paid them.
  19. (I think it's this) OptiFine does this to me, no matter how long I wait for the distance to render;


    Apparently it's the server. But everyone else said OptiFine is the issue so I'm just not sure what it is or how to fix it, lol.
  20. I do have a full version now, because I installed Vista and found my win 7 upgrade disc was broken so had to download Windows 7 and burn it to a disc to upgrade.

    I wasn't sure if my upgrade key would work on a full version. But if so, I may do that. Thanks.