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  1. So, this is me, samsimx, and kevdudeman's supply company that we've been planning out for a while now. We don't strive to have the lowest prices, because anyone can make their prices the same as ours. We simply strive to get the order done as quickly as possible. Our prices may deter a few players away, but that's nothing to be upset over. That just means your order is always important to us because we don't have hoards of customers.

    Please do not spam with 'omg these prices are 2 high' they not only spam this thread, but possibly discourage other players from buying here. In general, the prices we have are hardly over market price, and if something is extremely expensive, we will eventually decide to change it without someone else telling us so.

    Once you order an item, it is your responsibility to pay for it. We will not tolerate a large order and just allow someone to cancel, you are responsible for your order as soon as we accept it. If you change your mind, you should make it clear before we message you saying we have started.

    If for whatever reason you DO have to cancel, please tell us as soon as possible. It won't be the end of our world or yours, above is just something to keep as a courtesy :)

    Prices change, it is up to YOU to fill in a correct price as of your post. The reason we change prices around, is that Kev seem to listen when people complain, and me and Sam use common sense and put a value to our work.


    Item:What you're buying

    Amount:Number of Stack or Double Chest

    Price:Just so you understand what you're paying

    Deadline:If I find this extremely unreasonable, I will ask if another deadline is acceptable


    Quartz Blocks - Stack: 1,920R SC: 51,840R DC: 103,680R
    Diamonds - Stack: 5,000R SC: N/A DC: N/A MAXIMUM 9 STACKS
    Gold Ingots - Stack: 640R SC: 17,280 DC: 34,560
    Iron Horse Armor - Per: 1,000R SC: 27,000R DC: 54,000R
    Gold Horse Armor - Per: 1,200R SC: 32,400R DC: 64,800R
    Diamond Horse Armor - Per: 5,000R SC: 135,000R DC: 270,000R
    Emeralds - Stack: 1,600R SC: 43,200R DC: 86,400R
    Nether Brick - Stack: 152R SC: 4,104R DC: 8,208R
    Snow Blocks - Stack: 256R SC: 6,912R DC: 13,824R
    All Logs - Stack: 192R SC: 5,184R DC: 10,368R
    Cobblestone - Stack: 32R SC: 864R DC: 1,728R
    Stone/Stone Brick - Stack: 64R SC: 1,728R DC: 3,456R
    Sand - Stack: 96R SC: 2,592R DC: 5,184R
    Glass - Stack: 128R SC: 3,456R DC: 6,912R
    Sandstone - Stack: 160R SC: 4,320R DC: 8,640R
    Sugarcane - Stack: 50,000R SC: 100R DC: 200R
    Paper - Stack: 50,000R SC: 400R DC: 800R
    Packed Ice - Stack: 640R SC: 17,280R DC: 34,560R
    Ice - Stack: 96R SC: 2,592 DC: 5,184R
    Glowstone - Stack: 1,280 SC: 34,560 DC: 69,120
    Iron Ingots - Stack: 256R SC: 6,912R DC: 13,824R
    Hardened Clay - Stack: 196R SC: 5,292R DC: 10,584R

    If you feel we should add items to this list, just please suggest it! We'll be adding items randomly.

    If you order, the chest will be at 3332 after you pay and we confirm that the item is there. You can pay the person who accepted the order after we reply to your post and say 'YOUR ORDER IS DONE'. We will be saying 'ORDER ACCEPTED' if we accept your order. Now it's up to you guys to think of the items and tell me what else to change in the thread. If the order is super small, we'll probably end up mailing it to you. Also, there will be no refunds.

    If we've forgotten anything, then the universe is the same. Please point it out and we'll be very grateful. :)
  2. Seven hundred thirty seventh

    Edit: What tha heck people are liking the wrong number sam put but not my wrong number, better make it more ridiculous
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    Amount:1 stack

    Price:32 rupees

    Deadline:30 minutes from now
  4. Order accepted, completed and mailed to you. :)
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  5. Item emeralds
    Quanity 1stack
    Price 1,600
    Deadline 6-27-14
  6. I'm sorry but I must ask you because I believe it was a mistake in the pricing, no offence, I'm sorry if it was not a mistake.

    The price of paper per stack is 50k, same as sugarcane :p
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  7. Accepted, done and mailed. Please pay. :)
  8. Yeah don't be wasting their time with one stack. xD
  9. Item: Spruce logs

    Amount: Two double chests

    Price: 20,736r

    Deadline: None
  10. Order accepted, I will let you know when it is done. :)
  11. Item: Ice
    Amount: Four double chests
    Price: 13,824r
    Deadline: None

    EDIT: changed the amount from two DC's to four DC's
  12. Order accepted, I will let you know when it is done. :)
  13. Order complete and awaits you at /v 3332 on smp2, please make payment to me upon pickup. :)
  14. Item: Ice

    Amount: DC

    Price: 3,456

    Deadline: Soon
  15. Order finished and ready for pickup at 3222. Please pay prior to pickup
  16. Are you sure it's at 3222? I've been looking for about 10 minutes now and I can't find it. I already paid btw
    EDIT: found it.... it was at 3332
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  17. Thanks for making this business. It has helped me greatly.

    Item: Hardened Clay

    Amount: One DC
    Deadline: None
  18. o m g theis pricesz 2 dayum h1


    Amount:1 stack

    Price:32 rupees

    Deadline:2 minutes from now
  19. Order accepted and completed, it's in your /mail. :)
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