Supplies needed at 13131

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  1. Well it looks like I some supplies at 13131 so if your in the mood to earn some rupees come along and sell sell sell.

    Snow blocks
    Ice blocks

    These are the main items I need at the moment so feel free to sell sell sell :p
  2. What is your buying price for sand?
  3. Sand is 50r a stack, if your selling pls use chests just inside shop tnx they are linked to furnaces and other chests.
  4. Sold a DC of sand to furnaces.

    Thanks for your moniez! :p
  5. your welcome, this is why my shop is set up to keep giving back to the community. I will most likely donate some if not all the glass made from this, to 8100
  6. I usually put my sand to 8100 but this time around I forgot about it and sold to you :p
  7. Thats ok you get something for getting it, and they still get the glass :D
  8. what is your buying price for ice?
  9. i have a ton of snow blocks i'm going to send by, :D
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  10. I have made some adjustment to prices recently pls go and take a look I am will to negotiate on price, All Ice and snow will used for 8100 project