Super Turkey Will Not Die!

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  1. So either the Super Turkey has an ungodly amount of health or it's invincible for all intensive purposes?

    I've gone through my entire stack of food, my sword, my axe, and now half of my pickaxe and he's still not dead. I'm listening to him drown in gravel as I type this, and yep, still alive. So is he impossible to kill?
  2. Well, I heard people says it took them over 100 hits using an optimally enchanted diamond sword.
  3. Yeah, they have the health of a Momentus.
  4. Super Turkeys have 2048 hp or 1024 hearts.. I have killed a few now.. It takes hundreds of clicks, and I just use a Sharp 4 diamond sword..
  5. they have 2048 health (1024 hearts)
  6. For me, 400 hits with diamond sword and 200 now shots.
    Took me 40 minutes .-.
  7. use your ham hacker :)
  8. Advice: Trap the Super Turkey or you'll be at it for hours. My suggestion is to use water and dirt/cobble to get you both inside a box.
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  9. It also helps if you master juggling where you keep the Turkey in the air without a chance of running.. :p ..its a sure fire way of getting carpal tunnel though.. :oops:
  10. Yeah, the juggling is nice, though once I juggled him right out of the trap. :p But yeah, I was thinking that about my poor wrists as well. :(
  11. I found that drowning it in gravel was rather effective. I still got the XP and it was killed while I was writing that message and died just as I posted it.
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  12. Just trap it between blocks 2 high and keep hitting it. Killed 2 in less than 20 mins (2 spawned together)
  13. I've killed like 15 just from my gold farm in the nether by trapping them and hitting them with either a god sword or my voters sword
  14. As others have mentioned it takes a long time, I have myself a sharpness 5 sword and still takes quite a bit, I recommend taking your best sword and some potions of strength II, because you'll be at it for quite a while. Oh! Also, sometimes if you trap it in a 2x2 space, the items tend to go outside your area, so explore a bit the surroundings if you didn't get anything (it happened to me)
  15. Well if I go anywhere it despawns so I can't get any tools because I have to go through a portal.
  16. My Smite 5 looting 3 diamond sword made mince meat of that turkey. Seems faster than Sharpness.
  17. Im pretty sure they dont despawn
  18. But Smite only works on the undead, are you sure your difficulty wasn't on a lower setting?
  19. im pretty sure chicken jockeys count as undead, and since these are taking that slot smite may well work better
  20. I've shown my smite sword to not be that great, but I wasn't in the overworld. You're probably right about the turkey jockeys.