Super Happy SMP2 Funtime

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  1. So today, I was destroying my residence to give someone free stuff, when fireworks started appearing below me. A few seconds later (nobody had perms) my firework clock started going off. I broke it, and the redstone powered off. Then the dust came back, as did the power. A little bit of world edit happened below my residence and it was slightly visible, so I went to get Maxarias to check dis out. She came, silly things happened more, and then the more ridiculous things started happening, seen below...

    Super. Happy. SMP2. Funtime :)
  2. Aikar. Always Aikar :rolleyes:
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  3. Video comming up soon :p
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  5. Sorry for the delay guys, here's the video!
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  6. Why am I scared to leave my door open now?
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  7. lol :p still happening?
  8. Nope, it started and ended last night, only lasted like an hour.
  9. Best. Night. ever..
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  10. lol wut.

    Of all the times I decide to log off. :(
  11. Looks funnnnnnnnn
  12. Lol the dragon healer is under ID: 200 for the spawn eggs and is named Ender Crystal on there
  13. ID 200 does not exist?*
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