super deep holes in smp1 wastelands

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  1. I have recently fallen into a bunch of holes that are +50 blocks deep in the smp1 wastelands. this isn't a problem for me because I have Feather Falling IV boots, but any unprepared person could die easily. Most of the holes are unmarked, say you are running away from an enraged creeper and boom, you are now getting express-mailed to bedrock. If you dig down in the wastelands, could you cover the holes at least?
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  2. Well, seeing as this is in the wastelands, and not in the wild, it is not much of a problem right now... But, it could be a message when the wastelands are reset from the 1.6 update. Just my thoughts ;/
    Also, the reason people do that, is because it is in the wastelands, which should be like that :p
  3. Who Made Holes! *Starts At AlexChance
  4. yeah, I only go to the wastelands for more monsters to kill, but random super deep holes every 20 blocks is a bit annoying
  5. especially when you have enraged skeletons waiting for you at the top
  6. I agree Stewpeed Little Holes....
    Edit, Also When an Enraged/Normal Creeper Falls in..............
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