Suicide Tower!! (used for getting heads)

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  1. Hello EMC!! Today I introduce you to Suicide Tower!!!

    This is located at North of the frontier's spawn.
    it is made so you can try to get heads also here are the rules
    •all heads except yours you collect go on the wall with the tools
    •no griefing
    • only members can use the bottom bed
    •no trolling or idleing
    thx (also sry if the images or the spoiler shows up)
  2. we just recently lost the following:
    • enderchest
    • chest
    • white wool
    if you took these retune them withen 1 week or it can be reported. thx
  3. And no mention of what server its on. :S
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  4. i was think are the head legit or not... this prove yes they are!
  5. smp1 sry
  6. oh =3 lemme fix it
  7. worked for me =3
  8. morth of which outpost?
  9. i found it