[ SUGGESTON ] Spectator Mode in /pvp

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  1. So, I constantly see players say "Im Watching, don't kill me" in pvp. And players just kill them ( yes I realize pvp is not something to just watch ). So Im wondering if we could implicate spectator mode into pvp so players can watch players battle w/out worrying about death and waiting to rejoin the arena.
  2. There are viewing platforms for each arena. It's the last teleport sign, bottom right.
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  3. But for lets say like for the blue arena, players like to get in the room on the sunken ship, and players can't really see what happens down there. Thats just where I got the idea from.
  4. I only see one person who does that. :p I always tell them to use the viewing area. Gets tiring after a while of the same crap. ;)
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  5. I take photos for toade and its hard to take photos from outside the arena so i usually go in and usually get killed =P
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  6. i kill those people, what do you need to watch? its two people left clicking using probably the same or similar weapons and the same armor. real exciting there
  7. Would this be implemented with a command or some other method?

    With a command it will be too easy to cheat, as you can "teleport". You can spawn at /pvp and go into gamemode 3, fly into the arena, and change back. This way is a potato bad idea.

    With new method, it will probably just take up most of the dev team's time. And the less time they have, the less features get pushed out. Less Name Changes, Less Dragon Tombs, Less Tomatos.

    I could have just said that "I do not support the idea" or "I do not like this", but I wanted to explain why before I said anything.
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  8. I think this is a good idea, sometimes I want to see pvpers without gapples fight. And also, you could scare someone by popping out of the opponent. *Ah! There's a random floating head!* :p
  9. You mean get spectator privlages (gamemode spectator) and be invisible and go through walls. Hey I like it with one draw back. People can help to tell what other players are hiding. If this is enabled then chat is going to be restricted and you cant use spectator mode outside of pvp.
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