{Suggestoin} Chest Transactoins

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  1. Empire Minecraft could make Minecraft more enjoyable by adding a feature to empty your whole inventory into a chest at once. While playing Minecraft: Xbox One Edition at a friends house I noticed this feature that Minecraft Pc is lacking. Besides it would change the base idea of Minecraft because it doesn't help mine faster or kill mobs better it would just be convenient It could just be a command like /empty inventory and then click the chest or it could be a button on your inventory somewhere .

    Edit: Didn't Know feature like available in vanilla Minecraft that makes this feature not needed as much as others. Please don't respond further
  2. How do you imagine this being done?
    At the moment, I can't really think of any possible way not needing client-side mods.
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  3. if u have the same item then u can already shift double click and all same items get moved into the chest. maybe that helps?
  4. There's no way you could do this without client side mods. You can hold and item and shift + double click to move all of one block to a chest in vanilla already.
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