{Suggestoin} Adding funminecraftservers.com to the vote list

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  1. Recently I was looking on the web and found web site called Funminecraftservers.com currently emc is registered but not presented on the vote list and only has a few votes (two at the time of found including one of my votes)
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  2. Nice idea we need more voting sites
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  3. what kind of name is that lol
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  4. EMC is on a lot of voting site but not listed on the voting page. The voting page just has the big sites.
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  5. I would really like a 10th (working) site though, 9 just feels like there's one missing :p
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  6. A+, that is all I will say since I dont specialize in this stuff
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  7. I dislike that there is only 9! Also any advertisement seems like good advertisement, even if it is a "smaller" site
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  8. oh and, there is one minus. Some people vote on all sites to get double the amount of voting bonus. Well if we count that every time people find a voting site they post it here and there is a chance that it will be added. Soon there could be like 50 sites! Not only that a player can Earn a good deal of money but it will take like 2 hours to get double the vote bonus. so yeah. im still in(A+) but that is a problem that needs to be noticed.
  9. You can vote in whatever pattern you'd like. Your voting streak doesn't actually increase every time you vote. It can only increase once every 16 hours :p
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  10. I mean that if you vote on all the sites you get +1 bonus
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  11. You only need to vote on one site per day to up your bonus streak by 1. I only vote on TopG (on this account).
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  12. well you know to get 2 bonuses a day you have to vote on all he sites.
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  13. But we were talking about the +1 bonus, so just vote on one a day and you're alright :p It can go up once ever 16 hours or so I believe :) You'll get all your voter's items if you do it that way, it'll be quicker if you don't want to spend so long voting - or if you have alts and you want to vote for them too! Lots of combinations that you can do, and what's great is that there's always one to suit you!