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  1. I recently changed from an iPhone to a Windows phone and haven't found very many games or apps I truly like. I am looking for suggestions as to what to download.
  2. To sell it and get an Android, pref Nexus 5X or 6P.

    Seriously.... Windows phones are so useless :/
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  3. Amen to that! Although I recommend a Motorola Moto X
  4. i have had android, iphone and now windows phone and of all of them i love the windows phone the best. i guess its just a preference thing cause i hate android.
  5. I also got a Windows Phone, however an older generation (WP7.5, can't be bothered to upgrade to 7.8) and well.. I can agree with WP being limited in options, but don't agree with the useless comment. But I don't really play many games or such on it, at most perhaps angry birds, sudoku and word puzzle.

    Apps... I'm very pleased with WeatherMaster (allows me to keep a tile with weather information where the location is determined by GPS), Wikitude, Wordpress (if that's your thing of course) and SkyMap is also nice to have (but only if you're interested in identifying some of the stars and planets which you might see in the night sky).

    The rest is all more serious stuff for me: The SSH client pro (allows me to log onto my *nix servers), ConnectMe (remote desktop app. for Windows servers), GlobalMoney (Currency converter which never let me down so far) and well... Hmm, I'm also happy with My Stocks portfolio+, the only down side being that its news feed is fixed on international news. But it does miracles in keeping good track of my stocks portfolio.

    So yeah... that's a few of the 3rd party stuff which I keep around.

    Oh, before I forget: World Domination. A risk-type based game, very nice, but I'm not sure if that's globally available.
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