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Do you think a Haste II Potion would be good?

+1 8 vote(s) 47.1%
-1 7 vote(s) 41.2%
No Comment. 2 vote(s) 11.8%
  1. Hey, So I'm kind of new to EMC and I've started to make a tunnel underground to a private base, it has been taking a while and I have considered using a beacon to have the haste II buff although then I would have to move the entire beacon when I go out of range, I've been using a Efficiency 5 Pickaxe and it's still taking a while, Anyways to my suggestion. What about a Haste II Potion! I think I may have seen these on other servers but I think it would be really cool if EMC could add that to make things like this way faster! I'm not sure how it could be crafted or if EMC even has the ability to make new potions but I think this would be a very useful thing to have. If you've got any feedback about this idea please write about it on this post I'd be very interested if anyone also has any ideas on how it could be crafted :) thanks -408
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  2. Unrelated to the suggestion, but the Mineral Mincer is Efficiency 8 which will instant mine stone. This will make tunneling a lot easier. If you can afford one, I highly recommend getting one. They're 10k from the shop.
  3. I can't really afford them atm they are quite expensive to use for just digging I am saving for one now
  4. I don't see this happening. It's basically just a potion of Efficiency.

    Great suggestion though, I hope to hear more.
    Also, are you an alt of 607?
  5. I don't think 607 would suggest something like this and have less than 10k :p
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  6. I thought haste potions will be coming to mc anyway....

    Don't quote me
  7. Woops...