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  1. Hey guys!
    So I was thinking about a new section for the -help-command.
    The section will provide for common prices for items, so that people will be able to know "the middle" price for each item.
    And another reason I was thinking about this idea, is that when I first started playing EMC I was struggling about things I wanted to sell, but didn't know anything about EMC prices.
    Now, I know there are other ways to figure out the prices, but I think it would be nice even just to add maybe most common items, or maybe be inclusion and make about for example only types of wood and not wooden items.

    Thanks for reading this!

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  2. -1

    A thread very similar to this was made, only regarding promos. Some of the responses were:
    The same concepts could be applied here.
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  3. -1 sorry but I disagree.
  4. -1

    Im sorry to say that fyi :(

    But a item is only worth what you want to sell it for. But if 1 diamond is 1 million rupees no one will buy it, you just have to get creative w/ your prices, its a hard job but its fun :)

    If I read this thread correctly
  5. If you want to help people get familiar with prices direct them to different shops that supply the item they want to sell. If you aren't worried about it selling fast then instruct them to sell it for a little bit more and if they want to make it so its cheaper then tell them they need to get a whole lot and be able to keep getting a whole lot. Prices fluctuate by the moment in an evolving economy system like the one on EMC. Azoundria set up something that may be what you are looking for at This is probably the BEST way to go about getting what you want and someone else already did all the leg work for you, cheers.