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  1. End portal blocks purchasable with tokens.
    Price them high something like 2500-5000.
    if someone wanted to make an end portal in their outpost it'd cost them... 16 blocks... mathy stuff here... Alot.
    40k-80k with the price range I suggested to make an end portal not including the eyes.
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  2. 80k is almost nothing for an active outpost or someone who has a mob trap outpost. Make it 800k+ and it would be more reasonable.:p
  3. 12 blocks not 16, and price them ridiculously was my suggestion, newer to the servers wasn't sure how fast tokens come. I thought I was earning then fast and only have 27k.
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  4. My bad, I thought you were talking about rupees.:oops:
  5. Oh not if I was suggesting rupees the price would be in the millions to complete the portal.
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  6. I doubt it will happen. I would like it if we could just use ghe blocks and not have the portal.
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  7. Doubt or not I do have to say that I like the idea. Especially with the thought you put behind it to make this very expensive so that you'd have to work pretty hard to get one. And although it does differ from regular vanilla gameplay a bit.. Yeah, I can't help think that this would work nonetheless where fun is concerned.

    So +1 for me.
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  8. i like the idea +1