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  1. So I've been hearing more and more of this, when somebody griefs someone and they don't know who did it.

    Griefers are getting away with this because players don't know what to do, my suggestion is /report Unknown , to prevent griefers getting away with griefing :p
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  2. Currently, you can use /staff and you'll usually see at least one staff online so you can PM them to help, and of course you can PM other staff on forums too to help your problem. I agree to a certain extent that we need something along these lines perhaps but I'm not sure if this is it. I'll let some other people post on here and see what they think of it :)
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  3. The thing I'm trying to get is new players can't be bothered to do this plus at midday gmt there's rarley a staff member online
  4. If new players can't be bothered to use /staff and /tell [name] then they're not going to be bothered to learn the /report unknown command... As for GMT midday, I tend to find at least one or two online usually myself. The Staff team has gotten better recently and there have been more around :)
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  5. True this is due to all the new members, I can't count them all :p