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  1. There is a suggestion I would like to make. You may take this as a grain of salt, since I'm a newbie to the server, but whatever you want to do is fine with me.

    - I always have trouble finding a place to sell my stuff, but I don't want to build my own shop, so I was thinking that there could be a "sell" tag, for place that you can sell to, instead of just the shop and mall tags.
  2. If a shop wants to make a sell tag, they can.
    /tag add sell
    /tag add buy

    You can make any tag you want.
    /tag add PotatoGardenPlazaPoop
  3. Oh, well, Thanks! I didn't know that. I will be definitely checking that out in the future. Thanks for telling me!
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  4. Thanks, this will really help me too.