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  1. should we make this forum so NO new members can post here?? just this forum.. so we can avoid those pesky questions when we know the answer is no.

    im talking about how every new member comes here and asks if they can use hacks,mods and stuff that isnt part of vanilla minecraft

    if you say NO plz explain why
  2. No, instead of being rude against new members, we should welcome them and help them. This includes referring them to the Empire Guide, which they might or might not have read on that moment yet.

    Would you play on a server where nobody helps you and you can not ask anything on the forum? I don't think anyone would like that.
  3. agreed.
  4. Then they'd never rank up to member status and wouldn't be able to post here EVER. Why don't we just help them instead?
  5. This was suggested once before: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/an-idea-for-the-forums.8105/#post-108520
    Edmund did a pretty good job of answering:
    Basically it's rude to do this to people. If people would take the time to help people instead of flaming them or posting dumb meme's then there would be more people to help out in answering the posts.
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  6. well i was just asking what you guys thought. well said though
  7. Obviously the issue does not solely reside in the actions of our new players. It also resides in our members who do not take the time to read the stickies of threads.
    If you have something to discuss about the Empire, use Empire Help & Support or Community Discussion.

    The Acceptable EMC Minecraft Mods thread is solely for submitting requests and reviewing approved/denied requests. If you would like to discuss the approved MODs, post within the official posting of that MOD. (Official postings are ones that I am the original author of.)
    After MODs are approved, I take my spare time to filter them and then clean up my forum to reflect approved/denied MODs.
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