An idea for the forums.

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  1. How about a list that you can put down the names of people who you DON'T want to post on it? This could help get rid of posts that mess up forums, by stopping the poster from posting more comments. One rule to this would be that if you add a staff member to the list, the thread would be taken down, and if you do it enough times, you could get banned. With this, I could start up my RPG I had, that was killed be new players not reading the rules....

    Please tell me what you think!
  2. I don't like the idea of any member in good standing being excluded from any of the threads on the forums. That's opening up a whole giant can of worms that I don't think we want to mess with here.
  3. Hmmm, how about people have to VOTE to get the excluded?
  4. Ya the rpg got really messed up.
  5. Still don't like it! We are all about inclusion, making people feel welcome, encouraging people of different ages, backgrounds, races, sexuality, religion, creed, color, nationality; to all come together and be a part of the greatest community on the Internet. The ability to block people from participation in any public part of EMC is antithetical to every thing this community stands for whether done by an individual or voted on by a group.

    Q: Why don't we just make it so that a group can vote to kick someone out of EMC completely if they don't like them?
  6. Well, is there anyway to help cut down on the people who don't follow rules/guidelines posted on a thread?
  7. A: Because it would go against everything that has been built here. It would take EMC from being one of the best communities to being just the opposite. I wouldn't waste even a moment of my time trying to moderate or keep that community great.
  8. You should take a look at the Moderator Application thread and then ask Jeremy that question.

    [edit] For a more serious answer to your question on how you could successfully run an RPG: I have noticed that a few members have set up their own websites or Youtube accounts and that generally the Admin here doesn't seem to mind promoting things that have a legitimate connection to EMC. Some examples are the shop database and Ismooch's videos. There are a few others, but I can't think of them without looking them up. So maybe you could think about starting a website (even some free ones allow people to customize them quite a bit) where you would have the ability to delete comments that are off topic.
  9. Why not establish your own forum specificaly for RPG's.
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  10. You can start a conversation with the ones who obeyed ;)
  11. That's not a bad idea, but you can only invite 5 people to a conversation.
  12. Oh yah :/
  13. So I take it my idea was thrown out the window after being set on fire? ;w;
  14. If this were to be done... It would have to be a "Hide from certain users" That way most likely those people would never even see the post, and if this happened the list of blocked people could not be available to see to the average user; only the creator of the thread and Moderators.

    Moderators would be an obvious exception to this tool. (No one would be able to hide a Forum from them) A special flag might also have to be attached to the forum (only visible to Mods) that this tool is being used.

    In my opinion, this is more work than it is worth. All comments and threads have a report link which is very similar to the in-game report function. This could also cause people talking behind backs and them finding out, and it escalates from there. EMC is a no whitelist server so anyone can see both the game and the entire website.

    If people need excluded from a conversation maybe you shouldn't be having the conversation.

    (Sorry about my reply being so long):oops:
  15. I've never come across a Public Forum where you've had the ability to exclude members from a thread.

    I doubt EMC would want to be the vanguard in that feature.