[Suggestion]Your supporter past should be known

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Would this be a good change?

Yes 5 vote(s) 41.7%
No 7 vote(s) 58.3%
  1. This suggestion is almost useless but I just think that poeple that spend money should be more seen by the empire and the other players. It IS the only server that I see a rank disapear and it dosen't affect your username, like you where a nobody after contributing the empire (I'm not talking about the reses you keep and al that stuff). It's not important but there should be some regognition in the player name for the people that have been supporter in the past.

    Ex : SteveClasher (my name after my supporter, looks like I'm a noob that just join)

    (1)-(0)-(2) SteveClasher (says the number of times I have been supporter for each grade)

    [EX-Sup]SteveClasher (put a word in front of your name that means your been supporting the empire at least once)

    [25$]SteveClasher (put the amount of money you donated to the great empire, so poeple know your not just on the serevr as a tourist)

    Of course this can be toggle off if ex supporters want to be undercover for some reasons.
    Tell me what you think.
  2. Like you said, it doesn't pose much use. But, it does *kind* of show a player's devotion to EMC, which could gain reputation for said player, which is nice. Maybe on forums, or /p, it could just say vaguely "Previous supporter", without the specific rank or donation. I wouldn't really see the need for labeling how many times a player has been a supporter in the past, because that would seem more for boasting purposes
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  3. It would be nice as a little player setting (/ps) but if this even was planned to be implemented, it would be at the bottom of a very long list unfortunately.
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  4. The larger problem with this, is that we simply do not track this information in our database. Sure EMC probably had tons of PayPal receipts, or something, but not in a usable form for in game.
    There are also a few members of EMC, who may not want their $$$ amount visible to the community.
  5. I would love this idea if maybe this could happen. I feel if once you support EMC you should some what get recognized for it. Maybe not exactly like this, but something to at least get recognized for it. Maybe after your donation is over, your name color gets changed to a different color or something along those lines, so people know you've supported EMC
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