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  1. Hey Guys,

    My suggestion is about xp orbs.
    I think that xp orbs should go straight into the level thing instead of having to go pick them up.
    I feel this would help with knockback enchantments and would save some time. I also realise this may not be possible to do. Hope you like my suggestion.


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  2. I rather like this +1
  3. Great idea! +1
  4. Sorry, but I don't like this idea. We already have XP protection which will make sure that you don't lose any if you die (which is vanilla behavior) and well... Surely it's not that much of an effort to make sure that you pick up your stuff before running off?

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  5. Killing ghasts, withers, an endermen teleports on your last hit, a mob gets knocked down a ravine, and even a marlix dying over a pit of lava. Not only would I like to see this idea, but perhaps even something that give the person who dealt the most damage to a mob the items and if they can't pick them up then the items can only be picked up by that player and appears at the player's feet.


    P#1 kills Marlix with P#2
    Marlix Bow Drops for P#1 since he dealt the most damage to the boss
    P#1's inventory is full and the item drops at his feet
    P#2 goes to pick up the item but can't because the items is player-specific

    If I can do this with command blocks surely it can be done in code. No whether or not this idea should be a priority is a different situation. XP orbs aren't that important to me. Especially with small time mobs like creepers and zombies. Of course the idea is very hand holding and is just another add-on to EMC that makes it easier, so I suggest setting it to only be on level 1 difficulty. If it's easy to get the XP it should be harder to get the rare drops from it. I believe this balances out the easiness of this idea with the punishments of being at a low level for a player.
  6. Yea NetherSpecter is right... If you have bad luck XD
  7. I see where you're coming from and I really understand why you'd like the idea.

    My main gripe is basically both the "vanilla aspect" (straying off too much from vanilla gameplay) and the ever lasting issue: doesn't it make things too easy?

    Take the ghast.. Yes, it's a drag if you kill it while it's hovering above lava and its tear goes to waste. But that's also part of the game: consider your options and your actions before blindly running into a fight. Wait for it to get above land, then hit it and go out to retrieve your drops.

    Same more or less applies with mobs getting hit over the edge.

    I honestly can't help wonder if this wouldn't make things too easy. Who cares that the mob is on the other side of a ravine and very hard to reach: just shoot & kill it and you'll get the loot anyway. As mentioned: I think it negatively affects gameplay and makes things too easy.
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