[Suggestion] X-Mas Promo Ideas

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have been tring to think of some cool X-Mas Promos, and i came up with the Following Ideas.

    1) I thought this would be kinda neat, If we have a Horse for Each Raindeer, and each one would have different abilities, and Each one would be named after one of the Raindeer.

    2) This one would be really cool for builds, to be able to have snow Caps that do not melt, and same with normal ice. You would be able to place lighting and not worry about the ice melting or caps melting. And you would buy this from the /shop for (X) amount for (X) rupee's.

    3) This one would be Very Simular to the Haunted Head. You would place a Item (Boat, or Minecart, etc) What ever it is, you place it and you get a item, that would say Gift From Santa. There would be Several Gifts and Ones that are more Rare than others, and the tick with is, it can only be use once (Say 48 Hours) to make it harder to get the rare items. It you Collect all of them you put them into a Command just like /vault and you put all Set about (54) in and it will give you a Special item.

    How Do you like these Idea's?

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  2. I must say i like this idea but how about like a trapped chest you place as like a christmas present. I dont know just an addition:)
  3. Opps, I made a Mistake, Can a Mod change Title to * [Suggestion] X-Mas Promo Ideas. Sorry Massive Internet lag, combined with no sleep haha.
  4. Yea I was tring to Think of something like Santa' Slay, But i think a Chest would be better, :D
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  5. All I can picture is Santa killing people in ancient Greece.
  6. Santa's Slay "_" that gets dangerous.
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  7. 1) Love the idea! I am thinking that it could be one reindeer every year or something. Last year was Rudolph, this year could be Vixen
    3) I love the idea too! Perhaps a chest is what I am thinking could be the gift box.