[Suggestion] Wills in EMC?

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Should we add wills to EMC?

Yeah! 8 vote(s) 50.0%
No 8 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. When players are banned all of their item and rupees are taken out of the economy. I think there should be a will that we can make so that when we are banned (and are gone for ten days and our res is reset) that all of our items and money goes to players who deserve it. Example: My friends brandop123 got banned and his res was full of amazing items that would majorly boost EMC economy and he was incredibly rich. but now, all of these items have gone to waste. Beacuse of this I think wills would be a very neat thing to add to EMC. What do you think?
  2. What if the banned person hacked his rupees and thus gave an absurd amount of rupees to someone?
  3. oh thats a good point. guess i didnt think this through too much :/
  4. I think its a good idea.
  5. :O If you were VERY rich and you have a LOT of glowstone and u get banned you want everyone getting your stuff and rupees? When you're back on EMC, that will be a waste...
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  6. Permanently banned not just temp banned
  7. AWWWWWW... U didn't have to!!
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  8. Well, i was permanently banned and ti was a month b4 i got an appeal and got unbanned from EMC
  9. Lol
  10. That also is a good point.
  11. i love the idea, maybe a few flaws such as ban appeals and hacking etc but if they sort it should be good!
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  12. hack can be ban appealed?
  13. If your items/rupees were given to someone else then I feel that the punishment wouldn't be as harsh as it should be. Bans are meant to be harsh; if your rupees were given to a friend then it wouldn't be as harsh. Also, permabanned players help the economy by creating a money sink. So sorry, but I don't support.
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  14. Yes hacking can be appealed. One player was banned for flying but appealed and is now back on the servers.
  15. who?
  16. None of ya business. Dont discuss ban appeals on threads please.
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  17. ok, pig
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  18. Awww....
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  19. U mean if i get banned for the FOuRTH time?
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