[Suggestion] /wild@[N,E,S,W]

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  1. HI Emciers

    Are you tired everytime you do /wild it now send you to another Spawn outpost when you don't want it do?

    Well this is what this suggestion is about.

    Because lets do an example when you want to go to the East outpost you do /wild but then you go to the south well.....

    This suggestion will make it alot easier for people to go to the wild instead of going through a few Tp's you get to the right one.

    I hope you guys Support this Suggestion Thanks.
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  2. Try /wild east
  3. You could do /wild north, /wild east, /wild south, /wild west or /wild center
  4. This...is already a thing lol
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  5. Just without the @

    /wild north
    /wild south
    /wild east
    /wild west
  6. God Mode
    • /wild e
    • /waste w
    • /wnether c
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  7. Fun Fact:
    /nwaste works too finally.
  8. Ok lol thanks for telling me this Lol please can a Mod Shut this down please
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Not open for further replies.