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  1. I was adventuring through the wild today and had no idea about how far from spawn I was. I know with mini map you can set a waypoint but minimap does not work for me. So I thought it would be cool to add a command like /distance and it would say: You are xxx blocks from Wild Spawn. You could also do it in the nether and end. So what do people think?
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  2. I like this idea, if you have a base you would like your friends to come to, you could say "Im XXX blocks north"
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  3. if you press your debug key in game (f3 for windows, fn+f3 for mac) it will say your x and y coordinates, there for you can tell where you are. and wild spawn is at 0,0. or use live map, and hover the courser over where you are, and the cords will pop up on the upper left hand corner of the screen.
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  4. What zeke said

    ~case closed
  5. I personally always have the debug menu open of things like fps and stuff anyways.
  6. Some times I am in a difficult situation and want to know how far I am but cant get the debug screen up. I am mac.
  7. Might I suggest using Rei's Minimap to place a waypoint at spawn.
  8. umm read
  9. And that's what I get for rushing though it so I could find the TV remote, I guess, this is a good idea.