[Suggestion] Warps (Or some kind of teleport creation) for donators

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  1. For donators only; I think there should be a method to create a teleport that can be activated via an in-game command, so long as you're in the Town. For example, if someone has created a spleef area or arena, if they are a donator, they can create a teleport to that place. Anyone can teleport to the place, but only donators can create them. Also, if this does get implemented, a way to list them.
  2. Theres something called /v to go to other reses and the arena...

    So for example, /v 19143 or /v arena
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  3. I think this mod might do what you have in mind: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/macro-keybind-mod.23230/

    I experimented with it a bit last year and I think there was a way to bring up a menu like you are suggesting. You could make a script that brings up a menu, which in turn is linked to /v commands.

    It would only teleport you to the main residence teleport but I think could be very useful since I prefer to use names rather than numbers when I teleport. I also often forget names of shops and there are some player names that are a hassle to type in.

    The documentation has a lot of sample scripts and JackBiggin has a few chat oriented scripts he has posted here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-macro-mod-scripts.21079/

    If you develop a script, make sure to share it.
  4. I know about this, but I mean something (Like Pab10S said) that you can type in the name of, a command like this maybe: /goto SpleefArena

    This is pretty much what I am talking about, and, the list function I mentioned could help if this gets implemented.
  5. This has already been implimented as a mod. You can press a key to view a menu, then select where you want to go. *

    * Some assembly required.