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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by GreenMeanie, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Sometimes I want to vote on some sites without going to the voting page.

    What I would like to see is voting links.

    These would look something like: http://vote.emc.gs/1 OR http://vote.emc.gs/topg

    The only thing that they would do, is redirect you to the actual voting page.
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  2. I could get up emc.gs direct links with what we currently have.

    It would be emc.gs/vote1
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  3. Some servers list all the hyperlinked URLs when you type /vote in-game.
    So it makes voting easier, type /vote and then click.
    We sort of have that, but indirectly, you still have to go to vote page.

    I like these ideas to make /vote easier and faster to use
  4. I also like this idea, but EMC commands are generally intended not to spam the chat.
  5. How about /vote gives the emc.gs vote link and says something like Type "/vote list" for a list of voting links
    and maybe /vote list does this:
    1. emc.gs/vote1 (TopG)
    1. emc.gs/vote2 (ServerPact)
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  6. Bump... Seems like a relatively fast and easy voting improvement.
  7. Some in game command prompts are currently undergoing re-writing. I'll see what we can do to add a similar concept to the list, but it takes Aikar to implement it =P
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