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  1. Currently, we have a small issue with how voting works, as explained on the 6-8 pages on this thread. It is obvious that something needs to be done to make voting easier to keep a streak of, which may get people to vote more. I stopped voting the day I lost my voting streak because of me having to vote by 4:00 in the morning. The time window that you can vote and keep your streak but actually get the bonus gets pushed back as time goes on, until it is just really late. So, my suggestion is that you base voting streaks on your time zone. You can change this in account details. As long as you voted that day, no matter what time it is, you will keep your streak and still get the +1 day bonus. It would take a little work and thought, but that is what our dev team is for. :p

    I am open to constructive criticism, but do not be rude.
  2. What i do (and most of the people who have large voting streaks) is vote one half of the sites part of the time, and one half when they wake up. If you vote early or late, don't vote on all sites, and renew when you wake up again or come back and able to vote.
  3. I know, but sometimes it is hard with high school to find multiple points in the day to vote. Every second of my free time is after dinner. As long as I have all my 3-5 hours of nightly homework done. I am sure this happens with other people too. I just thought it would make a little more sense to do it this way. Get more people to vote.
  4. The system already supports "Your timezone". If your only voting on 1 site per day - you will run into problems, as that site will require you to wait 24 hrs, which will slowly push you backwards just as your talking about.

    The requirements you are asking to change is not how EMC registers votes, but for how often the voting sites lets you vote, which we have no control over.

    If you get in 1 vote every day of your timezone, you will maintain a streak. The trick is simply to vote on more than 1 site, and at different time periods. Theres honestly not much more that can be changed here or else it will no longer be a daily streak.
  5. I thought that you had to get a vote during that two hour period, between 1 hour before you voted the last time to 1 hour after the last time to keep raising your streak.
  6. No, Theres 2 seperate timers.

    Time since last vote and time since last REWARD.

    If Tie since last vote is LESS than 25 hrs, it then checks if time since last reward is greater than 23 hrs.

    So if you vote at 3pm, then 9 pm, then 5 pm the next day, you will have since last vote < 25 on the third vote, but also > 23 for last reward, therefor streak goes up.