[Suggestion] Voter's Chest

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  1. Name: PlayerName's Voter's Chest
    Obtained by: Vote streak 500
    Attributes: Final (Maybe Soulbound, that may be too OP/iffy)

    When you right click the chest, a small inventory pops up with a total of 9 spaces. This can be used to store materials, think of it as an additional inventory row. Similar to the labor day bench, it can't be placed.

    No Chestception
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  2. What if you stored a voters chest in a voters chest, and put another chest in that voters chest? :p
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  4. To further explain this, I guess a special code could be put in place where the Voter's chest cannot be placed in another Voter's chest?
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  5. Pretty cool idea, its like a miniature vault that can be used anywhere. :)
  6. Try to put a map in your vault.

    That is how I imagine it will work.
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  7. Awesome idea. It would come in handy! Like when you are out of town and cannot access your vault or have an ender chest. I love it. But DANG! 500 vote streak :eek: :p and maybe you could add something in the chest? Like [Playername's] Voters [suggestion] inside the chest? Maybe Voters Wand? (Hint enchanted stick)? xD
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  11. I was gonna put backpack, but I thought chest was easier to say.

    Now that I see this, I would love to see the following renamed:
    Voter's Boots > Voter's Feet
    Voter's Helmet > Voter's Head