[Suggestion] Voters Block in strike 300?

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  1. Title says everything. That could be a great and rare prize you could get if you hit a strike of 300 votes in a row.

    Do you like the idea?

    Plz comment if you do want or do not want this voters thing.

    Also!!!Just comment about THIS topic. Plz, no spam or random stuff.

    Thnx for your time :D.
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  2. What strike do you need to get your first special item anyways? Lol
  3. Also voting 300 (About a year) might sound too crazy.. What about 150-200
  4. Personally, I think voters blocks should be reserved for voting contests as to preserve their rarity, but I believe other rewards are being planned for higher streaks :)
  5. I disagree. It's possible, and to preserve the rarity of the voters block, I would actually think 365 would be a better time. Although…
    This might be a better idea :D
  6. How about a different voter's block? Like a redstone block renamed to §cVote Streak Block
    and lore be §6§oCongrats on getting a vot streak of a year! so would that be ok?
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  7. great ideas from the community. We will have a staff discussion at our next meeting (this weekend) =)
  8. I don't like the sound of it being as part of the streak because this is a rare, hard to get item, that you have to earn in a way that it is not guaranteed.

    Perhaps if other items were added to the streak system, that would be better, but I vote no for the block. :)
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  9. Let me describe the current discussion so far.
    The people who already own a Voters Blocks hate the idea, the people who don't loves it.
    Staff? Support the rich players vs. support the general community + Making even more people vote/more people join The Empire.
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  10. I have to disagree with this - The Block is awarded for contests, not streaks. This could change, but even before the block came out, I was pretty happy with there only being a few, as that is what makes some custom items so great. I only got one by giving a fortune to someone else. I agree that there should be more steak items though, perhaps tools or something useful, as something good should come out of something else good - voting! :)

    EDIT: I also see that several other in this thread who do not have one are against it.
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  11. Idea: just make a new special item for some high streak, keep the voters block as is.
    Although, I don't see what we could have as an award, the certificate is nice end to the items IMO.
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  12. We will be adding more streak items for high streaks
  13. What is a "voters block"? It would be nice to have a goal in mind to help keep people voting. The items are nice but I have not been able to make the helmet usable. A streak of 300 is do-able, I am getting close (ish):

    vote-bonus-224.JPG :)
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  14. Keep in mind that, since you can vote and increase your streak twice a day, that it would only take 150 days to get a 300 streak item.
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  15. Agreed. I wouldn't be adverse to... maybe a 500-streak or something, but it'd have to be really impressive.
    Something I'd suggested in another voting-rewards thread, that progressively better armor might be cool. Voter's armor right now is heavily enchanted leather, but you attain that by the 100-day mark. Might be neat to progressively get better armor as you go - chain at 200, iron at 300, gold at 400*, diamond at 500?

    *Yes, I know gold is weak armor. Maybe it could grant special effects like resistance to help balance things out? Just a thought.
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  16. Thanks for thinking of me Aikar :p!
    I get 'High' Streaks every day. But this is because I am High-lancer-54!
    In fact, I just hit my 200th streak today (and this was after losing a good number of votes twice by missing it for a couple hours.. back when you would lose 10-20 votes over a couple hours or what not)...

    I was voting well before there was all this additional incentive. I like the armor (and certificate) how it is.
    Only thing I don't like, is that the voters armor in a picture frame looks like renamed armor.

    I believe that when a specific item comes out for a specific event or reason... I would be rather disappointed if additional blocks came out either for a different reason, or because players pressured just to get more added to EMC.

    I think the clickyness block should remain its own item, as that block represents referrals, not voting.

    Now a Voters Block? Sure! Would be peachy. Maybe a Wood voters block after 150 and Coal at 200, then Redstone at 365? I would definitely be up for that, and extra unique items would give me something to look forward to!
  17. Lol highlancer is in high mode XD.
  18. Thats a good idea, but, if it was chain armor, unless it was enchanted, it wouldn't be much of a reward, even diamond, because, its not really that great, especially as this is an economy server, with, in my opinion, very low prices for diamond. If it was enchanted, different story.
  19. The current voter's armor is heavily-enchanted leather. The suggestion is operating on the assumption that higher-tier armors would follow suit :p