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Good idea?

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  1. So I was thinking, what if players could easily type /vote and have a list of links pop up for them to click on in order to vote... Now this system would work in the exact same way as /rules; in that the command simply brings back text in the chat that only the player who typed the command can see.

    For example:
    Voting Sites
    Minestatus - bit.ly
    Planet Minecraft - bit.ly
    MinecraftMP - bit.ly
    Minecraft Server List - bit.ly
    MCSL - bit.ly

    So yeah, I thought when those pesky players who are always complaining about not having any rupees, instead of telling them to go to empire.us and then go to rupees and then click on the links it would be a lot easier to tell them to type /vote...
  2. This could be cool. But if it is just telling you which sites you can vote on it might not be too useful...
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  3. It doesn't just tell you which sites, when you type /vote it comes up with a message like in the OP with bitly links to each site page where you vote... So it supplies you with links to the EMC vote page on the site...
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  4. Sounds like a great idea! Nice job _Stads_!
  5. also to build on this, a few updates ago it was made in minecraft that you could clip on links directly in game and go to them ;)
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  6. Pretty sure that was more than a "Few" updates ago.
  7. meh an update here, and update there, and suddenly what was a month ago was almost a year ago :p
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  8. Thanks
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  9. Yep that was the intention of adding links not just the sites ;)
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  10. 100% support this idea
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  11. Thank you, Alex ;)
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  12. I like this! You have my support. =)
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  13. Support from me :p very good idea thought i am no good at thing up ideas XD
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  14. This is what the suggestion box is for! Good ideas that help the Empire, like this one. Not Tekkit Tekkit Tekkit give me Tekkit I want it now i quit.
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  15. lol wut?
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  16. feed the beast, my kind sir, would be much better.
    Alas, such things will never come about.
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  17. Thanks for the support guys :D
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  18. It currently may be possible using macro mods to create this for individual use. I would caution though that writing too many messages too fast will trigger the auto-spam filter which may kick/ban you.
    I do like the idea though, and it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to construct and implement, very thoughtful suggestion. :)
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  19. Yup. :)
    LOG(&bEmpire Voting Links);
    LOG(&3Planet Minecraft: &bhttp://bit.ly/XGRw2F);
    LOG(&3Minestatus: &bhttp://bit.ly/XGRxUs);
    LOG(&3Minecraft-MP: &bhttp://bit.ly/152ztGh);
    LOG(&3Minecraft Server List: &bhttp://bit.ly/16YM61S);
    LOG(&3MCSL: &bhttp://bit.ly/Zl3DO6);
    Provided you copy and paste this exactly, it's SYSTEM proof too. :)
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  20. Yep a macro would work for individual use, I don't think implementing would be too difficult either but maybe ;)