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Yeah or nope

Yeah this will really help me 3 vote(s) 75.0%
No I don't like this idea 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. So this is just really quick but the staff should make it so that you can vote Inside EMC, sometimes on the site while playing EMC can get leggy for some people. Other servers have this. It would be easy to just do like /vote (Username) (#) Like PMC Can be #1. Tell me what you think :D Thankies
  2. I do not think this is possibru
  3. So Making Enraged mobs is possible and this is not?
  4. If it is, I am all up for a quicker and more efficient system! I think the only reason people do not vote/do not vote often is because it takes so long to press each link and do each individual thing on each site so if it is possible, this is a great suggestion!
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  5. Because you have to fill out a verification you cannot automatically vote.
  6. problem is... The sites have captchas, how would we do that?
  7. They could find a way around it somehow...
  8. Sadly, I can't see this happening, any /vote command I have seen just displays links to the voting sites.
  9. Captchas are meant to prevent automatic voting.
    If there were a way around it, then they would simply redo the captcha type.
  10. I'd like you to search every single programming website you can find and show me an example of a >99% efficiency captcha solver :)
  11. mobs are in minecraft (and coding allows us to easily make them enraged), voting sites are not :p
  12. Because pressing links is so 2000's
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  13. #linkswag