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  1. Hello, peoples of the Empire, I come to you with a new discovery, a new advancement in technology, an invention so great it shall create a golden era all on it's own!

    I suggest, the vote bonus be displayed on our home page when we log in, under our tokens and rupees. I believe this is possible, since it is tracked in-game and in our tokens history, it would just take some code monkeying from Aikar or another dev.

    As always, state your opinions below or vote on the poll.
  2. I would love this... Months and months and months ago I got out of the habit of voting, and my streak has lain flat and dead ever since. :( I'm trying to get back into it, and I think that having my bonus sitting right there and looking all sad and rejected when I don't vote would be pretty awesome motivation. :p
  3. Agreed, I've never really had a high bonus, I think if the reminder to vote sitting right there would help a lot.
  4. +1 This would be very useful :)
  5. But it shows it in game with /vote, sorry but -1
  6. This is mainly aimed at people who can not get in game at the time.
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  7. But what importants does it have? The player could wait till they get ingame
  8. Well, players could also wait 'til they get in-game to check their rupees, yet it is also displayed on the website. ;)

    This a definite +1 from me. I can see this being very useful to players. Also, it encourages me to stop being lazy and vote like a good Empirian. =P
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  9. I'd prefer it here:

    So that other people can see your bonus, too.
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  10. Sometimes you might need to know the bonus A.S.A.P. Or if you're in my shoes, you could only go in-game every-other day.
  11. It reminds people to vote as well, raising awareness to non-EMC users on other sites, the more votes EMC gets, the more players EMC gets, the more funding EMC gets, get better EMC is.
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  12. I disagree with you caden, it shows no use, it takes up more space and has no importants, it shows rupees for a reason
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  13. This is has very much importance to a person like me, that travel sometimes, and/or do not always have access to internet. What if someone moves into a new house, and does not set up their internet for a week or two? There goes any chance of them knowing what their vote bonus is, unless they have a laptop, and go to an internet-cafe. (But that is not likely, as the person just moved in. :p)

    Either way, though it may not help you, once it is added, (which it should! +1) many people will use it, and you might also!
  14. I have to make a counterargument here. ;) It's in my debating blood.

    Using your logic in your previous post, you said "What importance does it have". Well, riddle me this. ;) Why would you have to see your tokens and not your vote bonus? Tokens are not actively being used as a currency and in the economy, yet they appear there. Their only use at the given moment is for residence biome changes. I actually find that voting would be rather useful on your page so you can look over everything in one glance.
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  15. +1 I like this idea.
    What if it would be in both places?
  16. That'd be okay with me. :p
  17. It's a great idea, but it likely won't be an immediate addition. Vote bonus isn't logged the same way as rupees and tokens so Aikar will likely have to code/change some things.

    Approved, pending addition of some form in the future. I'll even make a ticket for it =P SITE-50
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