[Suggestion] Villages Being Restricted to Their Residence

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  1. Allow me to elaborate.

    You have villagers on your residence.. perhaps they live underground. Or maybe they are designed to be part of your build as just "people." But your neighbor has a villager breeder, and they all just stuff their faces into the same corner trying to get to that residence in order to stay at the "village."

    In Minecraft, villages are defined by valid doors, and the center of a village is the center of these valid doors. In town, if someone has villagers in, for example, a pit, but has wooden doors, that is now a village. So, any villagers in an 80 block radius will now try to pathfind their way to that village.

    This can be a little annoying if you're trying to make a build with free-roaming villagers... for example, behold my awesome gif of some underground librarians-in-progress smashing their faces into walls and running back and forth trying to get to the neighbor of this residence, who has a valid village.


    (Add music if you're feeling bored. This can get pretty funny with the right music. I can't make videos on this current computer, so I had to use a gif maker).

    Anyway, my suggestion is:
    Make it so that villages only apply to the residence they are on. So, villagers on residence A can only detect doors and therefore "villages" on residence A. The wooden doors all over Residence B have no effect on them. Ergo, my villagers aren't attracted to my neighbor's village and don't all smash into the same corner.

    I have no idea how hard this would be, though I'm certain it's possible... The gif posted above is a joint residence of me and my friend's where we were going to have free-roaming librarians with clever wordplay names to denote what they sell, and have them freely move in a literal library. While still under construction, it's even more aggravating because the villagers all slam into one corner, or run unpredictably, meaning it's very easy to egg the wrong villager, or lose the villager you intend to egg, or have to play roulette with the four in the one corner and hope you egg the one you opened the trade GUI of.
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  2. It could be a flag if possible...
  3. Would you perhaps elaborate? How would this work, if you have an idea?
    The idea is to prevent villagers from having an unwanted pull to another residence...
  4. This is a great suggestion in theory. BUT, It simply is not feasible for us to modify village mechanics in this way.
    I don't want to use the word impossible because one could re-write the entire village code base to work in this way, but the suggestion is impossible without re-writing that system. Ultimately the desired effect is not worth it.
    So, we will have to make do with the existing mechanics instead ;)
  5. I replaced the villagers in my build with snowmen