[SUGGESTION] Villager Trading Stations (In 1.3) w/Pictures

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  1. So, I decided to make a mock Trading Station for villagers like we may have in 1.3. Maybe you could have doors leading to each different station and you'd have to buy a "Key" for, like, 50r to be able to access certain villagers for trading. What do y'all think (the idea AND the design)? :D It was built in roughly 15-20 minutes, but it took a while to get all the different villagers. XD I just want some opinions and I want to see if anyone would be willing to make something like this after 1.3 is released. :p

    Sorry, couldn't get the thumbnails any bigger. :p

    Imgur Album: http://imgur.com/a/Qycif/
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  2. That looks awesome.
  3. I'm pretty sure Justin said he was going to disable villager trading.
  4. WHAT?
  5. :mad:
  6. Because It would be terrible and lots of shops would lose money.
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  7. So I bought 140 villager eggs for NOTHING?
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  8. How lose money?
  9. Ive prepared and im gonna spawn some testificates in little posts on my fourth res
  10. Thank you, thank you very much. :D

    Aw, well that makes me sad. It is true though, it would destroy a huge chunk of the economy, but it's not like villagers sell every item in the game. Even still, I do understand why. I just thought it was a neat little idea. :p
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  11. I was gonna get emeralds from them lol.
  12. Dude i dont care, you need 3 more-rare-than-diamond emeralds to get a diamond. No im wrong, its 5
  13. I like it alot!
    EDIT: Yes! My first like!
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  14. Thanks! This can be used in single player as well, just for the extra bit of entertainment and officialness of trading. :p

    Actually, I think you need 5 diamonds to get 1 emerald. It may be both ways, but I was looking through the trading earlier and it was: 5 Diamonds ----> 1 Emerald :p
  15. I REALLY wanna trade stuff to get emeralds, otherwise it will take FOREVER to get emeralds and the wild will be reset, I DONT WANT IT TO BE RESET....