[SUGGESTION] Villager Mechanics in town

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  1. So, as it stands now, villager mechanics are the same in town as they are in the wild. This means if you build an auto-crop farm in town, any active villager, or any doors, in a certain block radius will break your farm. These doors can be on someone else's residence, or as far as the next residence over (depending on spacing).

    My suggestion is, make the villagers stop the check looking for doors outside of the residence borders.

    For an example, I recently built a multi level auto carrot farm. I put A LOT of time and materials into the farm. As I reached the higher tiers of one side of the farm, I and noticing the villagers... break. They flock to one side and don't do anything. It took me several days to figure out what the issue was. My neighbor, has doors underground in his res to create a village that breaks the farm.

    So... now I have limited options. I can either sit here with a half working farm, or pay the fees to have it moved to a new area that is isolated from everything else.

    This could also be interpreted as a form of griefing. Let's say I see my neighbor building a villager breeding system in town. I don't like my neighbor, or... I just want to troll.... so... I build a small "village" on my residence. This promptly breaks his breeder. My neighbor either has to move, or not have a breeder on that property, just because I was feeling spiteful.
  2. +1 from me too. Have been thinking the same thing for quite some time especially after I had spent a lot of time on one of my res' on smp1 building a crop farm that was dependent on villagers as well. Couldn't agree enough with this.
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  3. +1. If there's one thing I love the most in Minecraft it's automation. With the chance of automatic villager farms and other villager related things messing up, I think this is a great idea.
  4. I had the same problem, at least the doors causing the issue were my own and they went straight to work when I got rid of all my doors. Great idea!
  5. +9001, this might be useful for me in the near future if I make an auto village farm or a villager breeder for 1.9
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  6. so that's why my villagers stay to one side of the res.
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  7. exactly.
  8. I agree with this
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  9. +1 Great idea!
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  10. As much as this is extra work for staff, I think this should actually be fairly high on the priority list. Well said, too. +1
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  11. I don't have villagers but this seems like a needed fix +1
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  12. I could see how this would be desired, but is not possible by simply modifying Villager code. The villagers themselves barely matter, they are just around to activate doors. The doors determine the Village.
    Simply, everything would break. There is no sugarcoating that. It hurts my head to even think about the options to create a new system that revolves around this idea of only within a residence border. But again, any other expected village minecraft mechanic would work ninety-ten percent differently than expected.
    Simply put. There is nothing to be fixed. It is not griefing, although potentially inconsiderate. Suggestion Denied. Sorry.
  13. Backing up what chicken said, while can totally understand the desire, there's no way we could ever justify such a massive project just to change vanilla mechanics to improve automated farms.

    This would be on the level of the same amount of work, and 10x more likely hood of bugs, as say adding the Empires system itself..

    We have too much work to do, so even if we had a slight idea, i still wouldn't put it on our list as there's tons more things to work on instead that benefits everyone and much needed.
  14. So the coding would be difficult to implement on this. That's fully understandable. What other options then could be provided as a solution to this glaring problem?

    - Free or discounted residence/structure move for builds that are affected by this issue?
    - A plugin like THIS that tells you if there is an active village in the area? (not that plugin specificlaly, but just the idea behind it)

    It's just absolutely infuriating to have this problem happen. I have spent several hundred thousand R on a build just to not have it work the way it's supposed to because of something in someone else's residence.
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