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Should we have [view]

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Yes 22 vote(s) 95.7%
No 1 vote(s) 4.3%
  1. I personally think if you are trying to prove you have something that you want to show off or just let people see but not take we should have a [view] for only viewing purposes. Let me know how you guys like the idea.
  2. Like in a chest?
  3. I think I understand.. Like a super pick in a chest, then you have a [VIEW] sign so they can see in... I like it
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  4. This is definitely a very good idea, mainly to prevent scamming and such.....Or just looking through someone's stocks.
  5. Great point. It's annoying to make a ton of stuff to sell to someone only to realize the chest is already full...
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  6. Yes
  7. YUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. drose.... you sir are a genius.
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  9. and maybe a command like /res set view true so everyone can see inside but cant take
  10. +1

    Posted a thread about this like 5 months ago, so I approve!
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  11. I like this idea! It would help to prevent scamming a ton, a would settle those "I have 8 stacks of diamonds"- "No you don't!!"- arguments. =)
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  12. But then you will have those who look through shop chests, and then ask shop owners to get rid of the dirt from chests. Someone could claim that someone stole something from them, and then say that they saw their item in a chest. Showing off isnt exactly what we want to encourage, right?
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  13. Perhaps use a sign similar to [ACCESS] so only chest with signs like [VIEW] could be used, i think that is what MVP was saying. EDIT: Derp, you were referring to /res set view true, sorry :confused:
  14. I was referring to this comment:)
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  15. I went derp there, that didn't happen >_>
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  17. I have additional area in my shop just for ple to sell to me but only items that sell the most, but these are sell only chest, where the one's in the shop are buy and sell.

    But I take your point, only problem with that is some ppl like to keep how much stock they have private.
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  18. No problem there, it would be an optional flag o sign, people would choose where or if using it so they could keep private what they like, and show what they want.

    Along with this idea, it would be awesome to be able to "link" objects in the chat to show them. Maybe some of you are familiar with that option from some MMORPGS. It would be useful for showing enchanted objects and books, which would look in chat like this more or less:

    [Pickaxe] Diamond - Efficiency IV / Unbreaking III / Silk Touch I

    How about that?
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  19. This idea was never answered, has anyone ever looked at it?

    Would like this option.....seems like it could be failry simple to do too.
  20. Lol. Such an old thread was bumped. This has been re-asked several times and I don't think aikar wants it or it is low priority. With 1.7 renamed items (things like promos which would be shown off) the name shows up when you hover above the item frame.