[suggestion] /vault view command

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Good idea?

Yes 11 vote(s) 84.6%
No 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. I am suggesting a "/Vault View <vault page/name>" command. you would type it in and you could SEE the vault page, but not add or remove items from it. it would be usable in the wild, town, and every other world. it would be preferrably free, but could be 10r cost each time. i am perparing dc's of items in the nether, and i don't know how much of the item(s) i have. thanks for considering,

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  2. First
    Anyway Love the Idea
    i had to go and talk with famly and i wasnt able to do anything sorry for the spammamable
  3. Stop spamming...
    Anyways, back on topic. I like the idea.
  4. This would be amazing! We need this now.
  5. This isn't YouTube
  6. I like this idea it would be great. As some people like me forget what we put in the vault XD or to see how much room is left :) Love it.
  7. Nope, your the second post.

    I also like this too Tech, nice idea.
  8. Sorry for double post, on an iPhone, spamm•am•able say that a couple of times...

    As for usage in the wild/nether, I think their should be SOME cost for it.
  9. why? it does not let you put anything in it or take anything out...
  10. Oh, I misread that part.... Why should you Ben need to see it when in wild/nether?
  11. so if you are making an auction and are keeping the items in your vault, you can see how much you have. get it?
  12. any comments???
  13. no more comments, ehh?
  14. It seams that way technologygeek. Dam notifications way to many. Still a good idea I my head Xd
  15. Really? You waited 20 minutes before bumping something.
  16. i dont see the importance in this because you could just go to a different smp and /vault
  17. Just saying, you can access /vault in Utopia for free…

    But it's not a bad idea. :)