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  1. Hey emc,

    As many of you know, a lot of ppl have a ton of vault pages, and sometimes it can be frustrating to have to look through every vault page to find one time. So i was thinking we could use something like /vault locate to help. For example, if we needed torches from our vault but had 20 pages and didn't feel like looking, we could do /vault locate torch. It would say something like "you have torches in vault pages 3, 6, and 11". That way it would save us a ton of time looking. Let me know what u think. Thanks
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  2. This has been suggested before and turned down as it would cause a ton of lag to search and then the code that would take a while...
  3. Just to make sure here: you do know that you can name your pages, right?

    I have approx. 23 pages or something where each of them is named, you can do this using: /vault name <number> <name>. That can help you keep track of what you have stored. So: /vault name 12 cobble, at one time I used this to keep a page dedicated to cobblestone. Same for dirt, sandstone, auction, grip, potions, enchants (enchanted books), clay, cclay (colored clay), redstone, and so on.

    The only page which I dump stuff together is my "misc" page.

    So the moment I need cobble or dirt (usually to fix stuff in the waste) then I'd use: /vault cobble or /vault dirt.

    Maybe that can help you sort things out too...
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  4. I'm super unorganized :p All of my pages of misc :p
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