[suggestion] Valentine Promo

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  1. I think the valentine's promo (if there is any) should be a burning love rose. This rose will of course have fire aspect 2 to 4, and will have the lore: To show your love with... or burn some zombies!
    Tell me what you think thanks!
  2. I thought the event tomorrow was our "promo"
  3. Seeing as most people won't get much from the event and some people can't come, It would be nice to have something everybody could get. Also I am not suggesting that we actually have a promo for it, but if we do this was my idea. (sorry if this isn't clear)
  4. You have it all wrong. It should be some sort of food renamed "Potato Chips" and have a couch (possibly a renamed bed). Lore should be "The best way to spend valentines day".

    Agreeing with sky about the event being our promo. The boffins have something planned always.
  5. I want a Cupids Bow.
  6. We all have our opinions. LOL. Also this is the first thing with word play that came into my head.
  7. possibly a rose bush? with fire aspect? that would be cool too , since the original valentines promo was a rose
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  8. No... moar... promos!!! :p
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  9. I can't come to the event either, since it is already over lol. I was at school
  10. Its tomorrow. Today's the 12th the event is on the 13th :confused:

    You had better be kidding! :p
  11. I realize now... still can't come lol
  12. ummm.... its hasnt even happened yet....
  13. Double ninja'd?
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  14. No, he's right. we have to many promos.
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  15. Meh, promos are nice, but honestly, there are so many by now that we are getting promos for stuff like the day of Voytek the Bear Soldier's first steps. We are starting to get too many, so I'm glad for the event.
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  16. No More Promos!
    I'd much rather have an event and lots of special items than typing one command to get something I probably will never use. ;3
  17. I like promos, I could care less about people saying "Pr0mos R GOING 2 ruin the ecmony" because some of them do not know what is going on and are just jumping on the bad wagon.

    To me, Promos are about the Satisfaction that you have them and it adds to your collection.
  18. How about a miniboss for the time and if you defeat him, you get the item (In town like challenging the miniboss with a command like /promo Valentineboss)!
    It will warn you that you are going to challenge the boss and you might get a set of gear just for then...
  19. ......
  20. Meh.
    I like the idea but in town would be stupid because no damage on players :p