[suggestion] Utopian Sundays

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Need your opinion on it!

I love it! 4 vote(s) 19.0%
Like it! 3 vote(s) 14.3%
Hate it! 2 vote(s) 9.5%
Dislike it! 10 vote(s) 47.6%
Needs improvement. 2 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. This is a suggestion for people to consider to support.
    Basically, every Sunday, Utopia Wastelands Only are open to the public, to mine and collect resources. They have only one day a week to do this, and maybe will see the benefits of having no fall damage. ;3
    Don't know whatcha guys think about this, but it might spark some new supporters :p
  2. It kind of eliminates the point of donating. They could just wait for 1 day a week to do a massive mining trip, which i know plenty of people dont do that often.
  3. i dont like this because i use utopia wild to afk without fear of griefers. I feel like most supporters dont grief and that introducing non supporters could be bad for that reason. Its not that i dont trust non supporters, its just ya never know when some 1 day old non supporter would come along and grief ya.
  4. It'd be for wastelands only. :3
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  5. Hmm, this looks like a good idea, but maybe not every sunday. It should be like a special kind of event, so it happens at random and the EMC staff have a drop party there and its open to the public. Overall its a pretty neat idea.
  6. mmmm.. no thank you.
  7. Maybe make it open only for those with 100 days+ & no prior bans?
    Or some other requirements...
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  8. Eh, well.. What if he stayed in the wastelands after the sunday was up? If he would be kicked out, without warning, he would probably be unhappy, and ragequit, so forth and so on.
  9. But that defeats the purpose of supporting to use the special waste/wild that isn't all griefed and yucky.
    No thanks for this. Maybe if it was like once every 5 months or so
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  10. To me, this is the Utopian Purge. I do not know much about Utopia but I hear that they have a nice wild. Allowing griefers, newbies, and normal people in a Supporter-Only wild is asking for trouble.
  11. Maybe once a month?
  12. oh, it's wonderful, every time you go into the wild Notch riding a super rainbow horse greets you with a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream.
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  13. there are plenty of other still unexplored wastes non supporters can use
  14. It's a very cool concept, but I can totally see why there would need to be limits and restrictions.

    Maybe it could be an Invite only event or don't give non supporters build permissions in the wild.

    MMMmmmmmmm... ice cream.:D
  15. I like wastelands for utopia, because well there is hardly any resources gone :p I myself am not too keen on this suggestion.
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  16. As an ex-gold supporter, no, it doesn't :p
  17. Just went to the live map. Looks pretty grief-free for me.
  18. Theirs 9 other wastelands and 9 other frontiers for players to explore. I went on SMP2's wastelands and got tons of diamond ore. It's still fresh. ;)
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  19. Why can't we make it once a month/every Sunday a random normal waste gets no fall damage. Keeps non supports out of utopia, and shows people how awesome gold/diamond is. And supporters get the happiness of having no people in the waste. Win win I say
  20. How about to players who are ex supporters are only allowed access to this idea? I currently do not have the money to buy another supportership but this idea could be great with it.