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  1. This really only matters to those who have a Utopia lot or were thinking about getting one via supportership purchase.

    Some of us love to build in the sky of our plots but its a pain in the ass to pillar up that distance and then destroy the blocks back down or if you're constructing a parkour in the sky, it becomes tedious that way.

    Look no further then, this suggestion comes with the fact since /fly is already enabled in utopia. Lets say you type "/place below", then it looks to the first slot in your hot bar if there is a block there, and places 1 block below you in mid air while using that block (64-1=63). If nothing is in your first slot of the hot bar or a non placeable object (IE Sword), then it will say invalid object. This command will go really great for building Utopian parkour or Sky Builds that would of been a pain otherwise to construct.

    Note: Objects such as Ladders/Trap Doors/water/Lava/other objects like these would be invalid fields as they do not necessarily follow standard block procedure.

    Any thoughts on this?
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  2. As a Utopia plot owner, I can confirm how annoying it is to pile all the way up.
    +1 for sure, I was planning to build a huge villager breeder way up on my res soon
  3. why not just place a dirt block(that appeared from nothing) when the command is used
  4. That would be duplication. Although dirt is useless for most, its still not fair to create something from nothing even if its dirt.
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  5. im pretty sure that everyone who was a utopia plot has used /dispose to throw a couple of DCs of dirt, but true is kinda unfair
  6. +1 This. I think it would be a cool feature to add for utopia. Would supporters be allowed to use this command on their regular smp reses?
  7. they aren't allowed to fly in smp reses, so what is the point?
  8. No this feature is purely meant for Utopia as /fly is not enabled in Regular Smps
  9. I have 2 utopia reses, but have never ever used /dispose, and in general, I have never threw away dirt. :)

    ot: Sounds like a good idea! :)
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  10. oh, that is true. I forgot about the need to fly to use this feature :p
  11. What would be the point if flying is not allowed? Would you jump and do the command while in midair? :confused:
  12. I can see this being very useful on Utopia, though I do not know when/how the devs will want to tackle it.

    I would think it would work off of the default //up which spawns a glass block directly below you, but i agree that it should work off of something in your inv. I remember my reaction the first time I realized that was an option instead of piling up...oh what joy!

    Created: EMC-1042 for devs to review
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