[Suggestion]Updating Empire Shop (/Shop)

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Update Empire Shop to have the 1.8 items

Poll closed Jun 26, 2015.
Yes Please 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Nah 2 vote(s) 18.2%
Later 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. I recently was restocking a potion brewing machine and I had to search over 3-5 servers to find 1 rabbit foot. I was wondering one day where the rabbit feet and other shop items were. Then, I realized that the shop was outdated: some of the 1.8 blocks/ items aren't in the shop. Please update the Empire Shop.

    Yes, I buy stuff from the Empire Shop. :rolleyes:
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  2. +50
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  3. The Empire Shop is always 1 update behind to let the market prices settle before adding them.
  4. Now where did you get an answer like that?
    Oh right....me. =P
  5. lel
  6. Yea rabbits foot would be nice,i have to kill 100 of them to get 1 foot.