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  1. I try to vote every day. I keep a single vote site bookmarked and remember to click it. And every time that I do, I see this video:

    It's a nice video. But it's outdated, and has some flaws in it. We have our own EMC youtube channel (which last uploaded a video 9 months ago), as well as six players in the "Stream Team". I'm not sure how that team operates, but such inactivity in any group is not beneficial to EMC. Just a free title for those who don't do anything in the group. I'm sure there are some in the Stream Team that do make frequent contributions, but there are EMC-inactive players on there, giving me doubts about how contributing they are to the team.

    This guy here (Not me, I promise :p Look at the video's comment section.):

    Says it better than I could. Eleven months ago, on a nearly two-year old video. So many improvements have been made in the last two years, but the video just can't complement them. We need an update to this with a group of professional video makers, and a better-presenting video.
  2. This is actually going to fit nicely with something that is coming out in this month's newsletter. Had a lot going on recently and the Stream Team apps were all lost with the recent site issues.
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  3. D:
    Also I think this is a great idea. A nice update with all the servers and new staff/SS/admins will be nice! And even the new promos. I like the video personally, but I think a little brush up with this video would be quite nice :D
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  4. If you want i can try to make a trailer for emc
  5. Is that to say that the stream team will be getting repopulated with different members?
  6. Yes and the focus is changing somewhat to allow support for Livestreams during events, etc that people want to do on the Empire.
  7. I think the people filming the new trailer should use ReplayMod + SEUS 10.1p3 since that can be quite cinematic.
  8. Maybe just keep it to the features. Staff don't last forever.
  9. I do agree, that video is very outdated. There are a few videos and other things on voting sites that need to be updated. I don't know how the stream team works but from what I can see they have been mostly inactive, I think they should make videos on new updates and things going on in the empire.
  10. It's been on the radar for a long time, but its not as easy as "just make a video". To get it right requires a lot of concentration from multiple people, mainly Krysyy.

    There has to be planning for what the video will detail.
    - What is the message? What should we prioritize? How long should it be?

    Then filming, and which of course will require multiple retakes...

    The filming requires finding who has the best setup to do the filming (likely multiple people!)

    Then you have the editing...
    That then also requires finding best person with skills and software

    Then overlaying music that fits thats free/legal.

    Then we're still not done!
    Anyone shooting video then has to give us legal agreements that we 'own' the content 100%
    Then once uploaded to YouTube, we have to setup descriptions and annotations and such!


    This is a major project, that can't be started until Krysyy is sure that she has the time to focus on this single project and have the resources to execute it, and we all have tons on our plate that we have to juggle priorities on.

    But we will get to it as soon as we can :)
  11. I could make a video, i got a few ideas, and one im stealing from alexchance
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  12. I'd like to add that right now it's the resources for sure! I either need to have someone tell me what I need, etc or find people that can do it. Haven't had that many stream team apps with players capable of such things...*hint, hint*

    If that's not possible, I just need to figure out a good video editing software, etc. I used to have one, but that was on my old computer and I can't remember the name =(
  13. Make a giant colossium of tons of people on the Server all wearing some kind of leather armor with colors on it to make words and Symbols like the emc logo for example to show the community of players getting together to do something
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  14. Good but time consuming idea

    I think the software was either sony vegas or final cut or adobe or or or or or or or ...................................

    Also make an idea board where you could vote for ideas for the video

    I have edited so you look crazy

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  15. Please keep all posts in one please, Thank you.
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