[Suggestion] Unlock Locked chests after a long time

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  1. I have been working a lot in areas where people locked chests and they haven't been on for over 120 days. I want to be able to unlock them, It would cost rupees to unlock. I say if a player isn't on for 150 days and becomes derelict (Not Supporter) their chests should become unlockable. What do you think about this?
  2. i think they should just be cleared after a certain amount of inactivity personally. noones items should become yours just because they havent logged but if they were removed then it wouldnt be that much of an issue. also logs should record the coords of the removed chests
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  3. We have a policy in place that Senior staff can remove locked chests after a certain amount of time. I believe it is 6 months of being inactive. But we do place as many items as possible in their vault first
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  4. i think he means a more automated system
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  5. Yes I do, I agree with your point bitemenow :)
  6. It will not be automatic. The reason is that the items are moved into the player's vault. If space is limited the valuable items are moved to vault first. Being that 'value' is a very hard thing to program the process needs to be manual. It also means that such a 'service' is limited by the free time (which is even more limited) of Sr. Staff+

    As it is the expectation is that the lock is permanent which is why the current policy says that the player must be 'derelict' for at least six month before the lock can be considered for removal. A player may be inactive but still voting as I have seen recently when another player asked me about a locked chest. The player had not been on in almost a year but was still voting at least once a month.