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  1. Today I come to you with a few UHC Suggestions/Changes. Now before I get into this please don't turn this into a flame war. While extremely fun I'm tired of my suggestion posts becoming a battleground, and I feel strongly about these suggestions. Some may be more efficient to come with the Games and Events Server, but others not so much.

    Now this may be more appropriate to be on the Games and Events server due to the amount of lag it would cause on RC's server. It is essentially UHC, but harder. How is it harder? Custom mobs. Everyone would be on diff 5, but there would be raised Enraged spawns that would spawn in around you. This would make for an extremely quick and difficult game. However I feel like it would be pretty fun.

    Now this one is super basic. More UHC days. I feel like it would be cool if we had several days of UHC a week. Chin may not be able to host it and I'm not sure if he'd be able to give someone else permission to run it, but if he could that would be awesome so we can get more UHC every week.

    Now this one is far out and I highly doubt it will happen, but I like this one. It is essentially UHC with a few custom items with custom recipes. If this could happen I can definitely get some recipes made, but it's early and I'm on an iPad so this is starting to hurt my hands. However I feel like this one has a lot of possibility
  2. Oops I forgot the polls. I'm sorry guys, just give me your opinion down here! (Respectfully please)
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  3. I don't want devs or such working on the UHC server, not everyone plays it. It would take away from the additions on here and affect the people who don't play it ;) -1
  4. I am more of a Classical UHC player myself I don't want changes. Sorry Seanawesome
  5. I mean honestly they don't have to work on it for 2, and there are some devs assigned to the game server, so it's not taking away from EMC's "precious" (sarcasm intended) Dragon Tombs.

    They would keep classic, just some special occasions could be the twisted up versions.
  6. We honestly only run a UHC because RainbowChin WANTED to start one up.

    We would like to focus more on games that CAN be played on our server and stick with the community aspect of things. UHC goes strongly against our normal play values. It remains as RainbowChin wants to run it because if it weren't for him, it wouldn't exist as an official EMC event at all.
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  7. He can always be the host of it even if it's on the games and event server, or keep it on his server
  8. All these suggestions and no suggestion for a grace period, lol? I don't agree with them but they're nice ideas.
  9. If UHC was not laggy and so long to start up.