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  1. We have the YouTuber rank on the forums, which is great and all, but Twitch.tv is also a thing, and becoming a pretty big deal. I think it would make more sense, especially for events, to designate a few people (possibly current YouTubers) to stream the duration of the event, maybe giving them special access/viewpoints. This could be added to YouTuber rank responsibilities, or maybe even be a thing on it's own!
  2. Yea, even though i don't stream, i love to watch streams and this is a good idea! Krysyy pls!
  3. Problem: I only saw 1 other person other than me stream in EMC
  4. I've streamed before of EMC on Twitch, just never told anyone :p
    I like this idea +1
  5. Solution: make the Twitch rank official and tell people who is going to be streaming what event.
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  6. Ive streamed emc on twitch before
  7. Great idea bemvino. I will talk to our youtube team and see who is set up for twitch. Might change it to something more like Video Team (though needs a better ring to it)
  8. I like the idea but i see no need for two ranks. Seems a bit overdoing things. Maybe they could be combined into a media team rank or publicity team rank.
    EDIT: krysyy is a ninja
  9. Also, enough viewers and followers increases audience during streams. If random people watch an EMC event on Twitch and like it, they might be more inclined to actually join EMC. Twitch streams feel like less of a commitment than watching YouTube videos; pop in for a bit, and if you don't like it, poof! Right back to browsing. Also, streams are exponentially easier to find on Twitch than videos are on YouTube. While YouTube has billions of videos (most of which are lost in a ridiculously long list of videos) and sponsored search results, Twitch has a significantly smaller number of live streams, and a respectable audience size. People certainly enjoy watching even the smaller streams, as I have learned messing around with streaming for the last 3 weeks.
  10. Like the idea. I'll try to think of some name ideas to help ya out :)
  11. the "Recording Team"?
  12. Why not just YouTube/Twitch.tv Team?
  13. too long....and what about if we end up adding another type of video project...
  14. Video Team sounds pretty good :p
    I have stream capability so should be cool if this is added.
  15. I wonder why nobody is up for the 'Stream Team'... It surely won't be main-stream! badumtss

    ps: +1 for bemvino, excellent suggestion :)
  16. holy crap that's amazing
  17. I think it wouldn't be too too unrealistic to make YouTube and Twitch ranks separate things... I for one don't have enough time (or dedication) to record, edit and upload YouTube videos, but streaming is a lot easier for me. Plus that way Stream Team can be a thing.
  18. I'd be up for a Twitch Rank! Sounds cool!
  19. They are too similar to have multiple ranks for it. If you have video expertise, then you will make a better streamer and vice versa...
  20. Twitch-Tube Team