[Suggestion] Turn off annoying new grief protection thingy

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  1. There is a new grief protection thingy. So when you die, for like eight minutes no one can pick your stuff up. which means that the people that are with you(most likely friends) can't pick your stuff up when you die without waiting an annoying amount of time. Can we please turn this off in like /ps or something. I understand the reasoning behind it but its more annoying than helpful. I have only once in over a year had something happen where this would be helpful. Not saying it wouldn't be more helpful for other people that do other things but for me it's a burden more than a help.
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  2. Not to mention, it gives someone who would grief the opportunity to find said items and get them before said friend would. which again, is annoying and not helpful.
  3. That is not entirely true; only your friends (people listed in /friends list) can pick them up, everyone else can't. Only after those first 8 minutes.

    But how is this a burden to you? I mean, if you want to allow someone else to pick up those items all you'd have to do is add them to your friends list.

    I do agree that having more options to control the game in /ps could be a good thing, but I'm not too sure about the added value of this one (probably because I also hardly use it).
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  4. I was unaware that friends could retreive your things if added through the in game "friend" system. That makes sense I suppose.
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  5. That is indeed the whole idea; making sure that only your friends can actually pick those up. Seems us contribs got more work to do here, because it should be more obvious (IMO anyway) :)

    <goes over the wiki sections to re-read>