[suggestion] "Try before you buy" promos

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  1. I've got a suggestion for ya'll.. Pretty new suggestion (I think).

    So we know how certain promos can be purchased in /shop right? Many of these promos are solely aesthetic (fireworks, what have you). I think it'd be a very nice addition to have promos "rented" for a short amount, and only able to be used within the /shop world.

    That means if someone wants to see how a promo looks/works, the player can rent the promo (200r perhaps. Not entirely sure if a rent payment should be required required). The rented promo has a specific label, something along the lines of "-promo- RENTAL".

    The promo gets only one use, and disappears. There would also be restrictions for promos that dispense items. Not sure if the rental would be allowed for items that don't shoot something or whatever.

    Obviously, I didn't think a lot of this through. Some brainstorming could make this a very cool feature though :D Especially for people who want to actually try out a promo while it's on sale, but don't want to pay 10k to have the value completely depreciated for a single use.
  2. Sounds pretty cool +1!

    Not sure whether it will be implemented in the near future though, as it will be a low-priority and so at the bottom of a very long list of things that are more important than little neat additions like this (name changes, games server, dragon tombs etc).
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  3. Yeah, in addition, it seems like it would be a bit tricky :p But very beneficial for promo-interested players.
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  4. No real point because every promo in /shop is also usually given to you for free in /promo. /shop is always about getting extras.
  5. This is usually how it plays out for many players:
    -new, free promo. should I...
    =use it to see what it's like, even though using it a single time could drop me thousands of rupees of potential profit
    =store it for a period of time until it appreciates in value or sell it for instant cash, but never allow myself to use it

    With a rental, some of the players can see what the heck the bow does, and can decide for themselves if it's worth selling or not. Because as we all know, many players purchase unused promos for attractive prices.