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What would you prefer? The live map or TP to the town outpost

Live Map 28 vote(s) 90.3%
TP to the town outpost 3 vote(s) 9.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. My suggestion is that when you get lost in the wild and in the middle of nowhere,you should be able to tp back to town or the outpost. I know there is the map to help you,but it is too hard to see where you are going since you have to open the website for the live map and the minecraft program. So I want to make things more easier for players on EMC by just teleporting out of the wild and into the safe oupost.
  2. It would be wayyy to OP with tp, you could just mine then tp back. No skill involved. But with the livemap its better, it educates the children how to use a map and requires a little skill
  3. well, as fBuilderS said the is kinda OP, but I am bugged that if you need to get to town you cant just tp, or if your in town you need to travel to the outpost(with the nice chance of getting lost xD) so im saying ZERO for the idea due to its OP. But I think EMC should make like a non breakable train system that will let us travel very far and with ease to any public outpost.
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  4. In a future update you will be able to teleport to town from your outpost HQ and vice versa.
    This is too OP to be implemented, explained in points above.
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  5. Walk towards 0,0 there no map needed. -1
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  6. As everyone else has said, it would be silly to be able to teleport back to town after a minor mining session. Yes, it would be useful, but also abused. Also, you can push the f3 key and it will tell you which direction you're facing and all.

    If it were to be considered, I suppose a charge of 10,000 tokens would be reasonable to charge for that feature.

    Still, -1 from me
  7. /compass

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  8. Hey, if I dont like the live map and I prefer that I use teleport to town doesnt mean this isnt OP.
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  9. Sorry friend, but it kinda does. The ability to teleport within town is great. Outside, however, is an ability that surely cannot be used without making mining and fighting your way back useless. If you really wanna keep a SC of items safe, bring an ender chest with you. That's what I do. That way, if I die, I'll at least have my ores and such secured. Also, put wood blocks to keep you stocked on tools as you explore more. :)
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  10. im saying this is OP, but I like the idea
  11. It is op in many ways such as if you are about to die you can tp to town to save yourself or when you have all the stuff you need you can tp back.

    There are more but in class on cell so won't bother.
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  12. I was only suggesting it because I just want to make it more easier for people who want to travel back to town instead of finding their way to the outpost again.
  13. Okay then,how about the players just tp near the outpost for each wilderness or for events only?
  14. In a future EMC update that has been in planning for a while now.... you will be able to claim bases with Tokens, and from that claimed area, you will be able to tp to town...... but tping to an outpost from anywhere is way to OP, and is not Vanilla MC.

    You can also used commands to save locations of your base, and if you want, even Map Mods.... just check on the list....

    There are also people that have bases with tracks to them so they only need a small hidden location..... I have a Base 150k out and another 500k out, but i found ways around it....
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  15. Sorry bud, but this idea is doneski. There's no way they'll allow us to tp from anywhere in the wilds. For the time being, we are running, riding horses, or using boats.

    That ability is way too out of the fair range. People can clear areas indefinitely and run home, drop em off, and go again.

    This effectively ruins the idea of having the waste/frontier available. They are meant to be a survival area, not an area we can just run out and get stuff and tp right back home. That ruins the Minecraft experience.

    -insert Frozen's "Let it go" here ;)-
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  16. How do you view the poll results? Or is that gone again?
    -1 Simple. Its called survival for a reason.
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  17. Okay maybe this is OP. I really don't care if you said no or yes. I was only suggesting if you want to do things easier like the vault for transferring things to another smp.
  18. Forget about this idea! I got a better idea! Just check out the new thread that I am going to make!
  19. Like you?
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  20. Very, when Sir asks me to revise for geography, I totally come on here and practice map reading with the emc map :rolleyes:
    Click the '23 votes'
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