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  1. Hello All!

    I started building an "office building" recently and though of this idea. What if you could make custom messages associated with teleporters or teleporting. You would, like usual, go to the place where you want the pressure plate to take you and once their you have two choices: Either type /res tpsign OR you could type /res tpsign "INSERT MESSAGE HERE" for an additional 100 rupees. When you set up your pressure plate and teleport to the designated spot a message would appear in the chat saying whatever it was set to say by the maker of the teleporter. e. i. : "Welcome to the Food Section of the Mall!" or simply "Floor 12".
    Comment your thoughts.

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  2. I like this idea, this will be really useful for everybody. +1 support :D
  3. If i'm not mistaken - this is already in progress :)
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  4. I like this :p Sounds cool.
  5. This feature is already available. place a chest under your tp sign with a book saying what you want it to say. i think thats how it works
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  6. Great! Cant wait for it to come out
  7. In progress? Wow, they must really love your idea p1xel!
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  8. Woops my bad, I'm reasonably new so Im a little behind.
  9. Empire Mini-Updates
  10. this idea is not to bad
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  11. This idea was so good that Aikar went back in time to implement it :D
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  12. Sorry everyone! Their is still a minor difference between my idea and the one that is currently up. It would take up less room
  13. §3 "Hi" lol... I am going to see if that works with the colors, brb.
    Doesn't work with the colors, maybe if you input it as the "&" sign instead, when you receive the output it may be colored.
  14. But it works without colors?
  15. Ah, found it. The reason why I was putting § instead of & was because I thought it would show the colored text inside the book, but since it shows the chat, I only got the plain yellow. When you use the & sign on the book, this is what I got instead: 2013-09-08_10.30.52.png
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  16. Awesome! Thanks for the incite
  17. Now... Can you do %player?
  18. In a book? no
  19. Aww.... :(